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A software platform that helps districts, schools, educators and parents communicate, manage fees and capture information from forms and documents
in one place, securely and efficiently.

  • Easy, student-centric communication between teachers, and to parents
  • Simpler, more accountable, and more secure than emails, texting
    and social media
  • A single, convenient way for parents to pay fees, purchase school items, fulfill teacher wishlists, and sign up for athletics and after-school services
  • Easier, faster, and more secure than using separate websites, taking payments via the phone, or using cash and checks in person
  • An embedded smart workflow engine that helps to get rid of paper and archaic processes, and moves satellite processes and data into the mainstream


A full-service enterprise discipline and risk-management system for schools and districts.

  • Student discipline and incident reporting
  • Textbook and asset tracking
  • Attendance with grading integration
  • Expulsions, suspensions, detentions and arrests
  • Dashboards, visualizations, trends, mapping and more

Focus Card Management Solution

Full enterprise card bureau services and platform targeted at complex card solutions involving multiple integration points and systems.

  • Single point management and responsibility
  • Card personalization, fulfillment services
  • Scalable white-label software platform with full lifecycle support
  • API for integration to backend transaction systems

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