At Omicron Technology Solutions, we
create solutions ensure satisfaction deliver quality projects

Omicron Technology Solutions has been in business for 25+ years, and continues to provide cutting-edge solutions to our lasting clients.

Who We Are

Omicron Technology Solutions is a SaaS developer and provider serving three industries: Transit and Rider Management, Identity Management and Issuance, and Student Information Software. Founded in 1994, Omicron currently has offices in Chicago, Illinois and Shreveport, Louisiana.

Omicron has developed and deployed three white-label SaaS platforms for our clients and end users.

  • TransitME: a transit management and rider engagement solution.
  • Focus Identity and Visitor Management: an identity management and card issuance platform.
  • ConnectNow: an enterprise and subscription-based student management platform for schools and educational systems.
All our platforms have one goal in mind: creating efficient systems for complex processes.


Our Mission

Our mission is to ensure our customers' satisfaction through the timely delivery of the highest quality and most efficient integrated technology solutions.

Get it Done

The customer comes first; exceed expectations with superior quality and innovative technology

Honesty and Integrity

Work hard; ensure that our business relationships are handled equitably

Respect our Environment

Go green; patronize green establishments, and use green methods

Respect our Employees and Partners

Mind our people; ensure those that work for us and with us are happy


Use our capabilities and resources to help communities and make the world a better place