Integrate student information data

ConnectNow is the only platform to integrate student information data, teacher/teacher and teacher/parent communications in a way that is trackable and secure

Manage Fees

Integrated payment processes

Manage fees and capture information from forms and documents in one place, securely and efficiently

Capture Information

Digitize and securely store quality data

An embedded smart workflow engine that helps to get rid of paper and archaic processes, and moves satellite processes and data into the mainstream.


Student and staff registration for sports teams; signup forms and integrated payment screens appear; automatic updates to roster

Injury Reports

Student injury reporting and registration; parent and teachers receive notifications; nurse updates to status for all to see


Student misbehavior or conflict entry; administrator information entry and updates; parent and teacher notifications and alerts


New school year and new student enrollments with enrollment and lab fees added to cart; enrollment forms include previous years information

Student Logs

Teacher logs about student behavior during class; log is shared with student’s other teachers and, optionally, parents; teachers comment and provide additional details and support

Identity Integration

Focus Identity and Visitor Management integrates with ConnectNow for identity solutions into education administration; ID issuance and building access security (tardy pass issuance, temporary IDS, etc.)

About ConnectNow

ConnectNow is an enterprise and subscription-based educational, school and student management platform that helps districts, schools, educators and parents communicate, manage fees and capture information from forms and documents in one place, securely and efficiently. Currently, the platform has been used by over 260 schools and over 10,000 end users. No other platform in the market integrates student information, teacher/parent communication, school forms, and payment processes. Additionally, no other platform is directly embedded in education administrative software for ease of use. The ConnectNow platform is Clever enabled which allows for direct embedded access to 100+ student information systems, it's One Roster compatible, Single Sign-On ready, and the platform partners with First Data, Authorize.Net and Braintree.