Increase school safety Focus School Solutions provides numerous benefits to your school, replacing other school-implemented siloed systems. Focus provides real-time views as to who is in your building, when and where.

Products Overview

Increase school safety

  • Increase school safety with integrations to national sex offender checks, and custom school or district lists.
  • Ability to generate real-time and historical reports by school or district level
  • Pre-registration allows visitors to expedite the check-in process prior to coming to the building
  • Ability to inform staff of a visitor that may pose a risk via email or text

Visitor & Check-in

Using Focus, a school can see who is in any school building, and when they entered or left. This includes visitors, but also includes students and staff. Focus also features integrated screeners that are customizable for any situation.


Focus IDs can be integrated into student information, human resources, library, lunch, door access, transit, and other systems through APIs or file transfer mechanisms. Focus helps schools create, distribute, and maintain secure, customizable digital and hard-card IDs.

Virtual Hall Pass

With connections to student, teacher, and schedule data, staff can create hall-passes for any student that tracks times and locations, giving leadership real-time and historical information about out-of-class students.

Fast check-in

Pre-registered and pre-screened visitors can walk up and instantly check in using a QR code or their identification, which can be matched to a list of everyone that registered for that day

Identify all

See everyone that is in a building, campus, or district with quick and accurate real-time or historical views and reports, including check-in and check-out times

Custom screening

Screen incoming visitors for health reasons, or for other safety reasons related to specific students or staff members that are on campus

Generate IDs

Generate temporary one- visit passes either with a label printer or digitally, that can be displayed on a smart device, or hard-card IDs. All passes can display entry time and date, and intended visit reason

Data Integration

Integrate existing workflow processes and data systems through APIs, ETL, or other data transfer mechanisms. This reduces duplicate data entry, leverages existing systems and more accurately presents data

Hall Passes

Ensure that all students can be accounted for, even when not in classrooms. Ensure an accurate real-time picture of students outside of their classes